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Today, the Nova Scotia Criminal Lawyers’ Association is compromised of about 100 members, including associate members from across Canada. The Association is a strong voice for criminal defense lawyers and everyone concerned with the quality of criminal justice. We regularly consult with all levels of government and the judiciary on all issues relating to the legislation and administration of criminal justice in this province and in this country. The Association is governed by an executive and board of directors elected by the members.

The Nova Scotia Criminal Lawyers’ Association strives to assist its members in every aspect of the practice of criminal litigation. Members are encouraged to bring to the Association’s attention any and all suggestions, complaints or problems with which we may be of assistance. We connect younger members with seasoned criminal counsel to act as mentors. Members are assisted in locating expert witnesses through a database maintained by the Association, and transcripts and other information about police and other witnesses that defense counsel may encounter are kept available for members too. The association also manages a list serve to ask questions, share information and seek input on cases.


Ensure justice and due process for persons accused of crime…

Foster the integrity, independence and expertise of the criminal defense profession…

Promote the proper and fair administration of criminal justice.